Top Techniques for a Healthy Flush

Make-up artists are heralding a new look, and its stepping away from heavy bronzers and towards natural skin, sheer textures, and blush. So, say goodbye to super hard sculpting and hello to a fresh flush.


Taking tips from geisha techniques, this puts colour high on the cheeks. It chisels a cheekbone in a similar way to contouring, so this is a good choice if you usually go for bronzer, and it will instantly freshen up your make up after a long day.

Outdoorsy Flush

A natural, rosy pink pushed onto the apples of the cheeks. You can even sweep a little across the bridge of the nose for that added feel of an outdoors fresh flush.


Think of this as a hybrid eyeshadow and blush, that like contouring adds structure. It can be taken from a subtle wash of colour to an extreme hit of 80’s style hue.


Worn low on the cheek near the jaw, its more of a sporty take on blusher. Choose a matte textured tint and then keep the effortless feel with a brushed-up brow and freckles.


Conceived for Mac by Carole Colombani at the Lemaire show, this is a fashion forward take. It works best in a cream texture, pressed and blended onto the cheek and then vertically down the sides of the face.