Roll a Curl

Roll a Curl

Providing volume, curl, movement and body, hair rollers are a styling staple.

Rollers are probably the most underutilised styling tool, and despite being seen as a little old-fashioned, they’re still as valuable as ever for adding volume, movement and shape to a range of different hair types, giving reason enough to let our curling tong have some time off.

They come in all types of shapes and sizes these days, making picking the right one for your needs tricky. So the best starting point is to decide if you need root volume or more movement. As for the size of the roller, generally speaking, the slimmer the roller, the tighter the curl, while heated ones are likely to give you a more long-lasting result.


The best roller for volume is a large velcro roller, as they are great for adding lift to limp roots, and they are also self-gripping for ease of use too. Simply roll under and leave for a minimum of 15 minutes, prepping sections with hairspray or volumising mousse to help your style stay in place. There are also heat-activated alternatives available, designed to work in synergy with your hairdryer to provide greater hold than traditional types.

Tight Curls

Smaller sized rollers are your go-to for a more defined and structured curl. If you’d prefer to go heat-free, opt for a bendy roller or perm rod which can be used without the need of clips and pins. However, if your hair has a habit of flattening out in a matter of minutes, and you’ve got a little less time on your hands, choose a heated roller instead.

Loose Waves

Heated and bendy rollers are great here too, it’s just about using them differently. Try not rolling them up too close to the root and setting them on a more vertical angle, or alternatively rolling sections of the hair in different directions for a more natural finish. Finish by brushing your curls through after they’ve cooled to make them looser.