Powdered Vitamin C

Powdered Vitamin C

Is Vitamin C Powder the New Miracle Ingredient for Younger-Looking Skin?

Superstar antioxidant Vitamin C can help brighten the complexion, even out skin tone, protect against environmental damage, erase brown spots, and even increase collagen production. There’s just one problem, Vitamin C can lose its potency just by opening the bottle of serum or moisturiser that contains it. In fact, it loses a significant amount of its superpower within just one hour of being in contact with air. This is because it is very unstable biologically as the molecule oxidises upon exposure to air, heat, or light, and once oxidised it is not beneficial to the skin.

This is where vitamin C powder comes into its own, a powdered version of vitamin C that has all the above benefits but isn’t susceptible to the same instability. You just add the mix-as-you-go ingredient into your favourite serum or moisturiser, and the powder stays more powerful, lasts longer, and supercharges products you already have.

You can use a vitamin C powder in three ways. Either rub it directly into the skin to fade pigmentation and acne scars, mix it in with your day cream for a gradual brightening treatment, or sprinkle it into your foundation or tinted moisturiser for a subtle glow.